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Our Mission

Amigos de los Rios is working to create the Emerald Necklace: a natural infrastructure network of green spaces, green schools, parks, and trails throughout under-served communities in the Los Angeles Basin. We are connecting the mountains to the sea, helping to provide equitable access to nature, and protecting our environment and urban communities from the threats of climate change.


Our Impact

Green Schools
Green Streets
Parks & River Greenways
Signage Projects
Policy & Advocacy

Get Involved!

Join us at one of our greening events! We plant native trees and shrubs to create sustainable habitats in our communities. (Events are Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 12 PM.)

We collect feedback on a variety of projects, and we’d love your support for some great causes. Help out Amigos de los Rios by leaving your input, or by signing a petition!

We are passionate about environmental justice and expanding green spaces throughout LA County. If you’re interested in joining Amigos de los Rios, take a look at our internships for high school students, or our open fellowship positions!

The Greater Los Angeles Area is the ancestral and traditional homelands of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians (Tataviam), Ventureño Chumash (Chumash), Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians – Kizh (Kizh), Gabrielino-Tongva (Tongva), Tejon Indian Tribe (Kitanemuk), and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (Serrano). These Tribes have maintained and continue their connection and relationship with these lands to this day.

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