Informational Workshop on Prop P – Oct 20th

Los Angeles County voters approved the Safe Neighborhood Parks Measure in 1992. It provides about $54 million a year for neighborhood and regional parks and recreation.  That measure is about to expire-Proposition P is designed to preserve park and open space funding.  Propositon P will be on the November ballot and there are on a few weeks left to get the word out.

Come to our workshop to see the legacy of the previous measure and how Proposition P is structured to include projects that:

  • Improve and increase parks and recreational facilities in park-poor areas
  • Enhance water quality in the L.A. River, San Gabriel River, creeks, lakes and beaches
  • Protect water supply sources
  • Increase open space
  • Employ and train local youth
  • Enhance cultural and arts facility
  • Upgrade and maintain neighborhood parks
  • Support gang prevention programs

We will provide materials in multiple languages that you can use to provide information to the community.  Refreshments will be served. More information at

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