Partnering with KCET Departures

Amigos de los Rios has recently partnered with KCET Departures – Youth Voices.

Youth Voices is a digital literacy and civic engagement program that invites youth on an exploration of their neighborhood, where they investigate the social, cultural, and political history and take a critical look at the issues facing their community. Students are encouraged and provided opportunities to become leaders and advocates for their community.

Three schools that are currently involved with this program are Arroyo High School, Mountain View High School, and South El Monte High School. Each school has several groups that, in conjunction with KCET, attempt to engage with their community in a positive way. Some of these groups have decided to engage in a “green” way.
South El Monte and Arroyo hope to build a community edible garden. Mountain View has decided to not only create an edible garden, but a native one as well. Of course, that’s where Amigos comes in. KCET asked Amigos to speak to the students in order to provide insight and guidance, and stand as a continuing resource to assist in their endeavors.

Some special notes: Mountain View’s proposed native garden is set to expand on the existing Bobby Salcedo Memorial tree. And Arroyo’s edible garden is set on the north eastern most corner of the school grounds which places it immediately adjacent to the bike path leading out of Peck Park! I believe that would make it a shoe in for Emerald Necklace status!

We look forward to seeing these projects develop and will be there every step of the way! Good luck Youth Voices!

Bryan Slade
Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator
Amigos de los Rios

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