KCET – Tending to the School Gardens of Tomorrow: Arroyo High’s Knight Garden

This is a great article about Arroyo High School students building connections with nature and healthy foods!

AMIGOS is so happy that we could help the Knights Garden Club get their garden growing!

Re-post of KCETLink Youth Voices article by Go Green AHS – May 28, 2015

When we first started the KCETLink Youth Voices program our goal was to create a project that could help the students at Arroyo High School learn about our current environment, local food systems, and urban agriculture, but most importantly redefine the negative way others see our city. We wanted to show that in El Monte students are initiating positive change and we are capable of changing the place we call home. As a group we decided to take an unused plot of land on school grounds and start a school garden that could be used as an outdoor learning classroom, which would double as an extension of our home economics class where we could potentially learn about eating healthy, using what we would grow at the garden.  Read more …. http://bit.ly/1AyPWDN






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