Let’s reduce traffic! 21st Century transportation – more public transit

Look forward to seeing improvements to the @metrolosangeles #MetroPlan. More public transit and active transportation, please #envirometro

21st Century transportation requires more public transit and active transportation #envirometro #MetroPlan

Let’s reduce traffic with work on transit and active transportation, not more freeways #envirometro #MetroPlan

First drafts always need feedback! We’re hoping for more work on GHG reductions and public health in the #MetroPlan #envirometro

Giving Angelenos more transportation options will ease traffic, improve public health, and reduce GHG emissions #envirometro #MetroPlan

More focus on transit and active transportation. Less focus on freeways. That’s what we want from the @metrolosangeles #MetroPlan

A #MetroPlan that focuses on active transportation would feature greenways, river bike paths, railroad and utility corridors. #envirometro

Angelenos deserve public transportation that works 7 days a week, including transit to our beaches, mountains and parks. #envirometro

With more green infrastructure in the @metrolosangeles #MetroPlan, we could address water resource needs in #LosAngeles. #envirometro

Angelenos would benefit from regional mitigation plans that protect and restore urban nature. #MetroPlan #envirometro

@metrolosangeles creating a more balanced transportation network means adjusting to how we move – and it’s not always in a car #envirometro

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