Altadena Heritage’s efforts for Triangle Park

Amigos de los Rios greatly appreciates and is proud to partner with Altadena Heritage’s Board on their efforts to raise funds to build Triangle Park.

Below is an update sent to the Board of Directors on the status of their efforts – (June 20, 2017)

Hi Board! (Altadena Heritage BOD)

As promised at last night’s board meeting, here is some more info on the park and our fundraising effort, and a sponsor form is attached at the bottom. It hasn’t been updated since last month, so doesn’t reflect every rock or bench contributed thus far. AH members’ response to the park appeal has truly been remarkable. Forty contributions (so far) equalling close to $7,000! With our institutional contribution of $5K, that makes Heritage by far the largest private donor to Altadena Triangle Park, edging up to $12K. This park will be here long after we are and I believe it is one of Altadena Heritage’s most meaningful contributions to our community — increasing civic beauty and engagement by taking unused space and making a town triangle from it.  


I’d like to especially thank Judy Rubin (and Dick). In addition to making a generous personal donation, Judy was able to get Coldwell Banker to provide a $1500 grant from its foundation (not credited to AH’s overall contribution). From our board, Linda and Martin have also pitched in. I think member contributions say a lot about us, most made contributions after receiving just one email appeal, and being further encouraged at the Golden Poppy. Half have been between $100-$600, and the other half in $25s and $50s.


Some general data about contributors to ponder:


  1. Community/cultural institutionsbesides us — Rotary was next highest contributor at $3,000 cash, and they also secured in-kind lighting fixture contributions they value at $6,000. The Town Council made its first ever such contribution. They, along with other social/cultural institutions The Chamber, The Quality of Life Center, Altadena Community Chest, and Altadena Community Garden each pitched in $500.


  1. MonteCedro, almost all new residents of Altadena, really came through: 35 contributed about $2500. 


  1. Two Schools, Waldorf and St Mark’s have pitched at or above “Name on Plaque Level” of $500. Both want their students to help plant the park, and to have a stronger connection with Altadena Heritage. SM’s Development Director Irene invited me out to coffee last week to discuss how to do this. Both have expressed interest in getting parents to join. Summerkids camp also contributed.


  1. Foothills Metropolitan Water Districtgave $2,000, and our own Rubio Canyon Water Companygave $500.


  1. Several businesseshave contributed, with Altadena Hardware leading the charge with $2200 to buy a park bench. Also, Aldi, Steve’s Bike Shop, Websters Community Pharmacy, three real estate agents (Rubin, Thein, Tilleman), El Patron, Greuter Construction (AH member and Altaditty Performer), Chartell Construction, Cafe de Leche, Ben McGinty’s Gallery, Ms Dragon, Wet Paws Dog Wash.


  1. Claire of Amigos brought a few donors, who contributed in the realm of $1000 to $2,500 each. They are supporters of her work in general, and not from Altadena.


Although fundraising is not something I particularly enjoy (or signed up for in this case), it has been, as they say a learning experience. I believe the process is bringing our community closer by working together toward a goal we can agree is a good one. The civic spirit our Triangle Park project has inspired reminds me of feelings raised by the 125th Birthday Party — but in this case we will have more than fond memories and some good pictures to remember it by.


My active role is coming to an end, but contributions are still trickling in. It is not too late! I truly hope every member of our board will pitch something in to this effort, whatever he/she can afford. We are on the board to make good things happen in Altadena, and this is a concrete way of modeling it. And if you, like Judy, have any connections to foundations, businesses, or individuals with philanthropic urges, please do pass on the sponsor form, and encourage them to be part of this project


Best and thanks,


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