The importance of our water resources

Amigos de los Rios volunteers withInterpretive signage about water

Amigos de Los Rios is working to bring attention to ensuring a safe future for the water resources of Southern California – a critical part of our collective health and wellbeing as a region. Despite our region’s constant droughts and water management issues, we still take for granted our access to clean, quality drinking water. Part of our mission is to move away from this mindset – and to move forward into a management process that does everything possible to protect and steward our water resources for generations to come.  The article below highlights why it is so important not to take our climate and water resources for granted and start caring for and conserving them now.

The article below is from the LA Times

Is California suffering a decades-long megadrought?


California has entered another drought.

But depending on whom you ask, the last one may have never really ended.

Some researchers believe the region is actually more than two decades into an emerging “megadrought” — a hydrological event that is on par with the worst dry spells of the last millennium. Except this time, they say, human-caused climate change is driving its severity — and will make it that much harder to climb back out of.

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