Amigos de los Rios Celebrates #CallToEarth Day!

We took part in a global event to raise awareness about climate change and environmental action! CNN showcased groups all around the globe, including the work work we are doing at Santa Fe Middle School. Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Check out our Director’s interview with CNN!

From the #CalltoEarth Day organizers:

You helped make history on the first-ever Call to Earth Day.  At a time when our planet is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, the change you catalyzed is cause for hope.

We can’t thank you enough for participating and setting an example for the world. You made this day bigger and more impactful than we could have hoped for. On November 10, 2021, we saw incredible individuals and groups taking amazing action. From Serbia to Southeast Asia, the Americas to Zambia, thousands of people, from hundreds of schools and organizations, in every region of the world, took positive action on behalf of the planet.

Check out CNN’s “The Environmentalists of Tomorrow”

Thank you so much for caring about the planet as much as we do — let’s make Call to Earth Day 2022 even bigger!



The #CallToEarth Day Team

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