Columbia School Green Way Project

Columbia School Greenway Project


3400 North California Street, El Monte, CA 91732

For The Columbia School Green Way Project, Amigos de los Rios worked with the El Monte City School District created a joint use school and community park at El Monte’s Columbia Elementary School campus as part of a greenway project, featuring native plants and trees interlaced with a running track and sports field.

Community Involvement

AMIGOS brings volunteers, government agencies, foundations and corporations together—anyone and everyone who has an interest in greening Greater L.A. We work to ensure that people come together not to compete but to collaborate and discover synergies—building consensus, employing best practices, and working to increase the availability of natural and recreational resources for everyone.

Project Team: Amigos de los Rios

Park Funding: California Community Foundation

Columbia School Park Design Elements:

Design Plan

The Emerald Necklace Map

To keep the parks and trails of the Emerald Necklace Park Network at their best and help out the municipalities overseeing the locations, Amigos de los Rios conducts weekly Park Restoration Events. This work is all lovingly done by volunteers. We welcome anyone that wants to help out their community, learn about nature and their environment, and get to know others with the same interests.



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