Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision Plan

EN Expanded Vision Plan-CoverThe Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision Plan  establishes a comprehensive and strategic guide to creating a network of parks and public open spaces connected by river greenways and trails. The plan includes a conceptual map and identifies eight regional goals, as well as specific strategies for achieving each goal, that can help move Los Angeles County towards a common green infrastructure vision.

These goals include:
• Increasing active transportation – walking, biking and alternative mobility options
• Constructing  multi-purpose natural green space and built environment networks
• Improving public health by expanding access to nature and outdoor recreation with community input
• Treating water as a precious resource and as a multi-benefit feature
• Designing and building robust communities that adapt to and lessen the impacts of climate change
• Enhancing existing regional wildlife and natural area
• Celebrating culture and promoting environmental awareness through education, outreach and workforce training
• Cultivating a green economy that creates jobs and spurs investment in local multi-benefit projects

Link too see this beautiful plan in its entirety – The Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision Plan

Endorsements of The Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision Plan

Sense of Urgency

 “We hope the Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision plan will instill a fierce sense of urgency – a call for real and lasting results to improve green infrastructure – across the entire county.The plan is a roadmap for uniting East and West, Mountains to Ocean, collaborating effectively across jurisdictions to put a human face to infrastructure and accelerate improvements for the benefit of children and public health.We need to promote best practices in sustainable city design and improve access to open spaces.”

 – Claire Robinson, President, Amigos de los Rios

 “As one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, the Los Angeles region should be leading the country in park and recreation opportunities, but it is not yet. Countywide, only 36 percent of children live within one-quarter mile of a park, compared to 85 percent in San Francisco.That’s not good news for those of us who care about clean air, healthy communities and a growing green economy. If we aspire to those goals, we will need to write a new chapter for the region and adapt the original plan to modern times.”

– William L.Allen, III, Director, Strategic Conservation Planning,The Conservation Fund

 “The Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision plan is a visionary framework to link important LA area watersheds and the communities they touch. Much in the way that our vision for the LA River encompasses its entire 51 mile length, both inside and outside our city limits, the Expanded Vision takes a regional approach to providing much needed open space in some of our most park poor neighborhoods.”

 – Eric Garcetti, 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles

 “As of 2008, more people in the world live in cities than in the countryside. That means one of two things: either the human race will continue to lose its connection to the natural world, or it means a new kind of city – a nature-rich city. This plan moves urban Los Angeles county forwards toward that great goal.”

 – Richard Louv, Founding chairman of Children & Nature Network, journalist and author of eight books about the connections between family, nature and community

“For thousands of years, the rivers of Los Angeles held a perennial flow of clean water, bounded upstream by willows and cottonwoods, and downstream going underground or panning out into the LA basin in the hot summer months.The restoration of the three rivers and their environs is central to a deeper need: the creation of a livable city in which all people can sustain their families and pursue their dreams.Amigos de los Rios understands that you cannot restore the life of a community without restoring the community of life.Al great cities adhered closeley to the rivers that sustained them. Rebuilding community and culture along these riparian corridors is a radically important act.”

 – Paul Hawken, Founder of the Natural Capital Institute, author of The Ecology of Commerce and seven other books about ecological business practices, environmentalist, entrepreneur

Resilient Communities

“Creating connections is a major emphasis of this plan.While the overall theme is connecting the mountains to the sea, and all of the communities in between, the plan also will help connect people to nature and build a foundation for healthy, vibrant and resilient cities.”

 – Dr. Jack Sahl,Associate Adjunct Professor, Epidemiology at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

“Amigos de los Rios’ Emerald Necklace plan is visionary.Amigos sees Los Angeles as a unified whole, connecting East to West and North to South.The plan takes climate change into account, and yet works with nature to enhance resiliency particularly in poor communities where help is most needed.”

 – Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Climate Resolve

“As the Co-Chair of the National Park System Latino Heritage Scholars Panel, I am particularly appreciative of Goal 7 in the Emerald Necklace Expanded Plan which seeks to develop “a network of culturally aware and civically involved communities that supports conservation, restoration, and recreation.” The nexus of recreation, cultural heritage and environ- mental education is critically important to this region, which has a deep history associated with Native American, Latino and now prominent Asian Pacific communities. Future generations must be able to celebrate and remember our shared history through education and interpretation of our natural and cultural resources.”

 – Belinda Faustinos, Co-chair, San Gabriel Mountains Forever Coalition and Retired Executive Officer, San Gabriel Rivers and Mountains Conservancy

Engaging Business for Triple Bottom Line

 “Amigos and The Conservation Fund have created one of the rare national examples of developing a vision for natural features in our urban landscapes that truly will engender social and economic benefits to communities who truly need them.The plan reflects an exemplary model of community engagement, led by Amigos, which provides all of us with the necessary blueprint to create an accessible network of parks and greenways that will be valued and will lead to critical positive impacts for communities vulnerable to global change.

“Earthwatch is very excited about the new opportunities laid out in the Expanded Vision for direct and meaningful participation by local communities, by corporate employees and by educators and students in the creation and stewardship of important green places.We have seen the power of engaging businesses and other key stakeholders, both at home and internationally in the kinds of programs envisioned by Amigos, where citizen scientists are involved in case examples where nature restoration really does lead to real economic development, jobs training, and a deeper understanding of the triple-bottom line of sustainable development.”

 – Mark Chandler, International Director of Research, Earthwatch


 “The Emerald Necklace Expanded Plan underscores the need for educators to support creation of our next generation of environmental stewards and the importance of integrating conservation values into urban education programs from pre-school through high school.That includes creating a green infrastructure network interlaced with the schools and fostering a culture of outdoor creation, as well as nature based learning where natural and cultural heritage can be celebrated. As we move forward in this era of the Common Core Standards, there are daily opportunities for teachers to integrate the themes of the Vision into students’ instruction and experiences.With this vision,Amigos de los Rios will continue to work to provide opportunities and support for that to occur in classrooms and in the larger communities that they serve.”

 – Jeff Seymour, Former Superintendent, El Monte City School District


 “Improving the availability of ecosystem services within cities, especially in disadvantaged communities, is a critical need for a more sustainable region.The Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision plan provides a comprehensive framework for expanding green spaces that will provide these services throughout the region and importantly looks for solutions that minimize impacts on water resources.”

 – Darrel Jenerette, Urban Ecologist and Tenured Professor, University of California Riverside

 Active Transportation

“The Los Angeles basin is beset with poor air and water quality, public health disparities, hostile streets for pedestrians and cyclists and a lack of recreational open space. Developing a robust network of attractive community greenways intrinsically addresses all these issues. By transforming local waterways – rivers, creeks, and washes – into viable, safe and easily accessible linear parks and trails, The Emerald Necklace Vision plan ultimately extends connectivity to the region’s most desirable recreation destinations.The river corridors also provide a utilitarian purpose for commuter bicyclists seeking alternative access to employment hubs, transportation centers and entertainment or commercial districts.The Emerald Necklace Vision plan fosters the level of collaboration and consensus necessary to achieve a well-connected Los Angeles that is healthier, greener, and all around more dynamic!”

 – Javier Hernandez, Program Manager at BikeSGV


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