Gibson Mariposa Park Design

Gibson Mariposa Park Design Concept

Amigos helps public agencies identify and respond to the needs expressed by their communities to create healthy urban environments.

Our experienced team of professionals in architecture, community-based design, and community participation solicits ideas and opinions from the local community. Additionally, we examine local cultural preferences and research demographics of particular communities passing on this information to our strategic partners who design the spaces that stakeholders and communities envision.

We design spaces that integrate watershed sensitive design principals into successful passive and active recreational parks. We consider water conservation, water quality, urban runoff, hazardous waste, the heat island effect, and general quality of life in our open space planning. Spaces designed and constructed by Amigos help cities and agencies save long-term maintenance costs by using drought-tolerant plant species, low-flow irrigation systems, and filtration of water through natural processes.

Working in cities where land is at a premium, we redesign existing parks or sports fields and generate a design for new ones that maximize benefits to the greatest number of community members. Amigos has been instrumental in collaborating with diverse groups and building consensus on projects that offer multiple benefits to numerous stakeholders.

From bus shelters to outdoor learning areas, to urban parks and trails, Amigos has helped design a wide array of urban structures and spaces that enhance the places they occupy.

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