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Amigos de los Rios works to advocate for improvements to our shared urban forest – equitable distribution of trees throughout all Altadena neighborhoods and at our public schools and parks.

As a parks implementation and advocacy nonprofit group headquartered in Altadena we envision enhancements to key public parks long overdue for improvements such as Charles White Park.

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Charles White Park

For past 3 years we have collected community input on priority enhancements needed to create a sustainable park with a fuller set of community amenities. 

Our vision for Charles White Park revolves around protecting the existing central grass field and creating a secondary perimeter ring of ADA accessible paths interlaced with native and Mediterranean plant landscaping to conserve water, enhance the experience of the walkways, create habitat, and provide an inspiring setting for interpretive elements and nature based play.

Many Community Partners are interested in developing Interpretive Elements that would celebrate local Cultural & Natural history
with a special focus on the acknowledging and boosting awareness of the work of internationally acclaimed artist Charles White.

Enhancements to the park are complementary to collaborative work of arts advocates who wish to honor Charles White and support local artists and arts education programs at the park.

Key Features we advocate for :
    * ADA Accessible Paths, ADA accessible Picnic Areas, ADA accessible Playground elements, and off street ADA parking
    * Nature based Play elements – a play trail
    * Improved ADA Restrooms, bottle filling station and other elements per         community priorities.

The LA County Parks Department has heard from electeds and community that the park has needed updates since 2010. These improvements have been a key concern of Altadena Town Council Representatives for past five years.

We as a nonprofit need DPRs support to prioritize raising grant funds for a community based design and implementation project to implement comprehensive Improvements to the park.

Charles White Park Enhancements

Key Partners in creating a greener world.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection