Hollydale Park



5400 Monroe Avenue, South Gate, CA  90280

Phase 1

Hollydale Park is located along the urban Los Angeles River, which channels untreated runoff directly to coastal ecosystems. This gives the project’s water-management elements the utmost importance. This project will remove water-intensive grass and plant native trees and shrubs to absorb storm and waste-water runoff, and it will install Low-Impact Development elements like bioswales to capture and manage polluted runoff and storm-water. The project’s urban forestry will also enhance the park’s recreational value by beautifying public lands, increasing access to outdoor recreation, connecting to regional resources through adjacent bike paths, and restoring native habitat.

Phase 1 -Completed: 2013  (current pictures)

Hollydale Park project was funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation Metropolitan Grants Program.


Phase II

With Phase II funding from the California State Coastal Conservancy, and in alignment with the Hollydale Park Master Plan, Amigos de los Rios is removing large areas of grass for additional native habitat, constructing additional stormwater infrastructure, and planting more trees throughout the park. 

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