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Claire Robinson Mini Center Tot Park Opening 10-26-13
Claire Robinson

As Founder and Managing Director, Claire Robinson’s multi-disciplinary background in art, architecture, urban planning  and business has led to Amigos de los Rios’ unique success in creating a regional green infrastructure vision for the East Los Angeles County, known as San Gabriel Emerald Necklace.

Claire believes U.S. cities need a balance of grey and green infrastructure and is an expert in planning and implementing  multi-objective community based watershed and green infrastructure projects.

Under her direction, Amigos de los Rios, also known as the Emerald Necklace Group has  collaborated with myriad agency and community partners to outline  an APA award  winning (2016) regional green infrastructure vision known as the Emerald Necklace Expanded Vision Plan.

Claire Robinson and Amigos “Fellows” (university graduate trainees) over the past 13 years, have launched an Emerald Necklace Coalition of Agencies, and raised over  $50,000,000 in successful competitive grants, required to complete 35 Urban Greening Pilot projects  within disadvantaged communities in east Los Angeles County.

Every project Amigos de los Rios does follows a community based design process and strives to marry culturally relevant spaces with green infrastructure attributes.

As a national leader in metropolitan greenspace development, Claire Robinson serves as Co – Chair of the Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance (MGA), and is a USDA Secretary of Agriculture appointed member of the National Urban Forestry Advisory Council.

In Los Angeles, Claire has led Amigos successful participation in the San Gabriel Mountains Forever Coalition and currently serves on: the National Forest Foundation Community Collaborative, formed to guide development of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Management Plan, and the Executive Advisory Committee for the Los Angeles Urban Forestry Lab. She is a founding  member and serves on Los Angeles County’s ’‘EnviroMetro”; a sustainable transportation coalition.

Articles and Interviews

Claire Robinson’s interviewed by Molly Peterson on 89.3.  Here is a link to the interview…




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