Rio Vista Park & Trail

4275 Ranger Avenue, El Monte, CA 91731


Site History

Rio Vista Park and Trail – a site rehabilitation project that transformed a blighted, underused 2-acre park in El Monte into a 4.2 acre state-of-the-art outdoor recreational and educational facility that highlights the rich multi-cultural history of the Rio Hondo River.

The Rio Vista park and trail project was a rehabilitation of an existing park making it educational and a historic resource. The park has been greened with native plants, and a playground will be developed along with a place for exercise. The park area has a rich cultural history, it was once the site of a barrio called Hicks Camp – a map of the camp is imprinted in the entrance area of the park. Other aspects of the areas of the park highlighted by signs and displays discuss topics of local history and culture.

Hicks Camp Video


In addition to becoming a state of the art recreational and educational site, our hope is to better connect the community and the school district to the park and to the river, and in so doing to establish vital connections between the park and greater network of regional natural resources.

Natural Infrastructure

We specialize in the inclusion of native habitat and sustainable design principles. Consideration of water conservation, habitat restoration, water quality improvements, outdoor educational opportunities, and air quality in our planning.

Storm Water Management

Each natural infrastructure Amigos De Los Rios | Emerald Necklace Group creates includes an element of storm water management bio swales.
Bio swales are designed to remove pollution and debris from surface runoff water helping to absorb storm water into the soil.  The swaled drainage course has gently sloped sides, filled with vegetation they help direct water flow, when heavy rains hit, water collects under the ground where it can be filtered by soil. This process reduces run-off into storm sewers and road ditches and keeps the water in the soil for the plants and shrubs in the park.

Storm Water Mgmt Info. for LA County

Habitat Enhancement

Many of the communities that Amigos De Los Rios | Emerald Necklace Group serve are in habitat sensitive areas along rivers of the Los Angeles Basin. We have been instrumental in restoring these places for the benefit of the local people and environmental integrity.

Our landscape designers take special care in selecting native drought-tolerant plants that will help a city or agency reduce its water budget and learn about options for water conservation in public spaces.

Key Partners creating a greener world!

Project Design & Build Team: Amigos De Los Rios with VCA Engineering, Bob Perry, Bret Goldstone, SGVCC, LACC, and CCC

Funding: San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, Proposition A – Supervisor Gloria Molina, Land and Water Conservation Funds Recreation Trail Grant and the City of El Monte, CA

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