San Gabriel Mountains Forever

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About San Gabriel Mountains Forever . . . .

In 2008, a group of environmental national organizations and local grassroots organizations came together to create a coalition to fight permanent protection of the San Gabriel Mountains and improve access for all Angelinos.

For more than 10 years, SGMF Coalition worked to protect the mountains, rivers, and wild spaces, and improve access to communities that live beyond the foothills.

Stretching from Santa Clarita to San Bernardino, the San Gabriel Mountains are the recreational “backyard” for more than 17 million Southern Californians. This majestic mountain range is the landmark feature of the Angeles National Forest.

The Angeles National Forest is an irreplaceable natural providing Los Angeles County with 70% of its open space more than one-third of its drinking water. It defends against climate change by retaining carbon dioxide, aiding in cleaning the region’s polluted air.

We were thrilled that a portion of the mountains was declared a National Monument!

On October 10, 2014, President Barack Obama signed the Proclamation designating 346,177 acres of existing federal lands as the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument (Monument). The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument is the eighth national monument under Forest Service management. The Proclamation described the historical, natural, and cultural significance of the features within the proclaimed area that warranted the special designation of a national monument. The Proclamation also directed that certain uses continue, including Tribal rights to utilize the lands in traditional manners. The Proclamation acknowledges the continuation of valid existing rights and uses, such as utilities and water infrastructure.

Now we must work to make improvements to the areas accessed by the public and protect the precious forest  – this is a delicate balance and will need support from all the groups that helped make the National Monument a reality as well as the residents of this beautiful area.  Learn more about the efforts underway to expand and protect the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.

2014 SGM National Monument celebration:




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