LAC+USC Wellness Center at General Hospital

Phase 1 of Outdoor Park and Fitness Trail at the Historic General Hospital Wellness Center 

Completed January 2015

Approximately 2 acres of exterior space at the historic Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center has been converted into an innovative outdoor Wellness Park and Fitness Trail with support  and funding from State of California – Natural Resources Agency – Department of Parks and Recreation, First 5 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Open Space District and Los Angeles County First District.

This park conversion work was spearheaded by Amigos de los Rios in collaboration with community members, Los Angeles County and the LAC+USC Wellness Center Foundation partners. Amigos role has been to create synergy between agencies and become a catalyst to help re-purpose these public spaces for the enjoyment and health of residents of East Los Angeles. Many voices have come together to create this beautiful and holistic approach to family and community health.

The mission of The Wellness Center is to inspire and empower residents and patients to take control of their own health and wellbeing by providing culturally sensitive wellness services and resources that enable prevention, address and the root cause of disease and improve health outcomes.

The Wellness Center aims to provide culturally sensitive programs to address the root cause of disease, empower residents and patients to take control of their own health and lives, improve the health outcomes for the community and patients through the expansion of preventative care services, encourage collaboration between non-profit groups, attract community development and investment in a largely underserved area, and become a key component of an East Los Angeles regional integrated health care delivery system.

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