Our Mission

Amigos de los Rios is working to create the Emerald Necklace: a natural infrastructure network of green spaces, green schools, parks, and trails throughout under-served communities in the Los Angeles Basin. We are on a mission to connect our mountains to the sea, offer equitable access to nature, and protect our environment and urban communities from the threats of climate change. Our mission is inspired by the 1929 Olmstead Bartholomew plan for an expansive greenway for Los Angeles, which was never realized due changing government priorities during the 30s.


Our Story

For the past 18 years Amigos de los Rios has been committed to improving the built environment and bolstering civic engagement in under-served communities of the San Gabriel Valley and Gateway Cities. These neighborhoods are among those most burdened by urban development and most in need of green infrastructure. 

To create projects and programs that improve public health, bolster the ecosystem, and build resiliency to climate change, we have spent almost two decades developing innovative strategies, creating regional plans, and working with a diverse spectrum of urban stakeholders in these areas.

We hope to empower community members with shared values of environmental stewardship, cultural awareness, and the power to affect positive change.


Meet Our Team

We are a diverse and inclusive team of seasoned design and outreach professionals, recent college graduates in design, planning and policy, and local community members, committed to making a difference in our neighborhoods and natural environment. Amigos is headed by our founder and Managing Director Claire Robinson, and members of our Board of Directors. To learn more about the lovely folks of Amigos de lo Rios, click below!

The Emerald Necklace Fellows Program

Over the past 15 years we have trained over 100 fellows as part of the “Emerald Necklace Fellows Program.” We are proud to be training the next generation of leaders in sustainable and community-based Green Infrastructure Planning, City Policy, Landscape Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, and Community Outreach.


The Metropolitan Greenspace Alliance

Amigos de los Rios is a founding member and active participant in the Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance–­a group of conservation organizations working across Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Portland and San Francisco areas. We collaborate on best practices and scientific research to meet the challenges of connecting urban and natural environments, and providing benefits to the communities and ecosystems within urban areas.