A Park Remade, By the Community

Altadena Triangle Park truly represents the Emerald Necklace Group | Amigos de los Rios vision for sustainable park design that celebrates our cultural heritage and greens our communities.

The project is the first in a suite we hope to see come to life for Altadena. It is the result of funding from the Los Angeles County and Open Space District.

Triangle Park features water conservation elements, native habitat, urban tree canopy, bus stops, active transit elements and spaces to celebrate the San Gabriel Mountains.

More than 225 volunteers contributed to the making of the rehabilitated park, including 18 schools and student organizations. Together, we planted 1,000 native and Mediterranean trees and shrubs.Volunteer Work in Altadena Triangle Park

Many working on the $1 million park renovation — reborn as Altadena Triangle Park and located on the southwest corner of Lake Avenue and Altadena Drive — call the unusual memorial a celebration of the community’s inclusive spirit, as well as an homage to both Altadena and Pasadena’s strong abolitionist stands dating back to pre- and post-Civil War times.

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The Emerald Necklace Vision Plan

The project aligns with the larger Emerald Necklace Vision Plan. The plan for our region was first imagined in the 1930s but never enacted. This plan would have resulted in a vast and expansive greenway network connecting the San Gabriel Mountains, Rim of the Valley and Santa Monica Mountains to each other to the ocean via our urban river corridors, creeks, washes, and streams.

Since 2003, Amigos de los Rios has been working with public agencies, recent college graduates in design and the community to build a contemporary Emerald Necklace greenway network to improve connections to natural areas, support a vibrant active transit network, increase native habitat, and promote public health by creating greener communities.

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