Circle Park

10129 Garfield Avenue, South Gate, CA 

Circle Park

Our Circle Park project in South Gate is part of Amigos de los Rios efforts to increase living infrastructure – green space in Los Angeles County.

We developed an interpretive trail and bioswale, as well as installed of a modular restroom building at Circle Park in the City of South Gate.

Amigos de los Rios volunteers added the finishing touches to the Circle Park by planting native shrubs and trees, and spreading new mulch.

More than 225 volunteers contributed to the making of the rehabilitated park, including 18 schools and student organizations.

Together they planted 1,000 native and Mediterranean trees and shrubs.

Volunteers at Circle Park

Natural Infrastructure and Storm Water Management

Each natural infrastructure Amigos de los Rios creates includes an element of storm water management bio swales.

Bio swales are designed to remove pollution and debris from surface runoff water were included at Circle Park to absorb storm water into the soil. They consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides, filled with vegetation they help direct water flow, when heavy rains hit, water collects under the ground where it can be filtered by soil. This process reduces run-off into storm sewers and road ditches and keeps the water in the soil for the plants and shrubs in the park.

Project Partners helping us create a greener world!