Monrovia High School

845 W Colorado Blvd, Monrovia, CA


Amigos de Los Rios is collaborating with Monrovia High School to develop the Monrovia High School Watershed Discovery Project, with support from the California State Coastal Conservancy. The goal of this greening project is to transform the front landscape of MHS into a sustainable, multi-benefit space for public recreation and student learning. Additionally, it addresses the need for reliable local water resources, cleaner air, and cooling relief for the surrounding community.
The project utilizes watershed discovery urban forestry elements to reduce potable water consumption, capture stormwater, improve soil, enhance the urban forest canopy, and increase available recreation and outdoor learning opportunities.

Key deliverables include:

> Construction of bioswales and rain gardens.
> Creation of a bio-retention area, including mulched native habitat.
> Conversion of thousands of square feet into urban greening areas.
> Establishment of outdoor discovery and learning spaces.
> Implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater planters.
> Inclusion of Watershed Discovery interpretive elements.
> Installation of permeable pavement.
> Planting of tens of trees and hundreds of native shrubs and grasses.

Benefits of Greening Schools

The project significantly enhances water resources management and increases the campus’s stormwater infiltration capacity, reducing water consumption while promoting vegetation growth. Native landscaping benefits Los Angeles’s wildlife and inspires students to explore and appreciate nearby nature. Planting trees and shrubs around the school perimeter provides cooling shade to buildings and sidewalks, mitigating heat island build-up and the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. The forestry elements make the campus more attractive and inviting to students, creating a more appealing public space. The sustainable design aims to celebrate the rich, diverse natural and cultural history of the area while providing essential ecosystem services.

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Emerald Necklace Watershed Stewardship Event at Monrovia HS on Clean Air Day, 2023.

Emerald Necklace Steward Volunteers

A relevant number of trees and shrubs are being planted during the Emerald Necklace Watershed Stewardship Event by volunteers. A big thank you to our volunteers from Monrovia, El Monte, San Gabriel, Arcadia, Rosemead, Arroyo, La Salle High Schools, Rio Hondo Community College, USC, the Pacific American Volunteer Association, and others. Thank you to all of our volunteers!


This project was made possible by: