San Gabriel River Greenway

Project Date: On-going

Multi benefit San Gabriel River Greenway Enhancements located within the Emerald Necklace, along the 2.25 mile stretch of the San Gabriel River between Durfee Thompson Elementary to the north, and Mountain View High school to the south. The goal of this project is to enhance public access to existing regional bike trail, providing landscaping and community access areas for four schools located adjacent to the urban river canal.

CALTRANs portion of the project is providing 400 trees and 2,400 shrubs and will providing carbon sequestering (reduction), water conservation/flood control, improving air quality, while reducing noise and heat island effect. Area recreation opportunities and and area beautification.

Project Team: Amigos de los Rios, CCC, LACC and SGCC

Project Funder: California Natural Resources Agency and CALTRANS,

Project Locations:

Alfred Madrid Middle School

Durfee Thompson Middle School

El Monte Union High School

La Primera Elementary School

Twin Lakes Elementary School

Mountain View High School