We are training the next-generation of environmental leaders in our communities

Our staff is comprised of a combination of seasoned design and outreach professionals, recent college graduates in design, planning and policy and local community members hired to focus on particular initiatives or ‘Green Infrastructure’  projects. We currently have a mixture of 20 full and part-time staff  – our ethnicities and heritage are represented in the ‘donut’ chart.

Each Quarter new ‘Emerald Necklace Fellows’ join us and dive into an intense apprenticeship of real-world issues and depending on the open grants we hire community members of diverse background to help bring to life some aspect our collective civic vision of a safe, healthy, inspiring Los Angeles Region  – where protecting nature plays a key role for the benefit of public health and civic culture within our Metropolitan region.

We embrace our diversity and enjoy learning about each other’s points of view – backgrounds and cultural heritage

We have always enjoyed great cultural diversity .  .  .

Urban Planning and Design has traditionally been a male-dominated field. According to a recent article from the Boston Globe (Matt Rocheleau GLOBE STAFF MARCH 07, 2017) including a chart indicating the percentage of women and men in each profession – Architecture and Engineering has a long way to go to achieve gender parity.

Based on 2016 data only 14% of Architecture and Engineering Professionals and only 4% of Design firm leaders are women. Across the board women, CEOs only comprise 13% of companies.

Amigos de los Rios – The Emerald Necklace Group is a woman led green infrastructure and community-based design non -profit collaborative. We are trying to help address the need to mentor more women into the STEAM professions (science technology engineering art math) -and in particular into the sustainable design, urban planning, and urban forestry fields.

Over the past fifteen years, our staff has been comprised of at least 60% women and we have always enjoyed great cultural diversity in our Fellows and Community programs – this is part of the fun of working together!