Did you know Pollinators worldwide are in decline?

Monarch Butterfly

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Pollinators worldwide are in decline. Habitat loss, invasive species, parasites, and pesticides are largely to blame. But you can help!

Pollinators are animals that move from plant to plant while searching for protein-rich pollen or high-energy nectar to eat. As they go, they are dusted by pollen and move it to the next flower, fertilizing the plant and allowing it to reproduce and form seeds, berries, fruits and other plant foods that form the foundation of the food chain for other species—including humans.

Become a Butterfly Hero – pledge today! Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly photo from Twinlakes-w Text2-11-2015The loss of any species weakens the ecosystem that all species rely on for survival, including humans. Monarch Butterfly decline is an indicator that there is something wrong in our shared environment and a warning that we could be affected as well. Do we really want to live in a world where the next generation has no chance of seeing a monarch butterfly on a flower? Their populations have plummeted, find out how you can help!

Gibson Mariposa Park of El Monte, California was built to attract butterflies.  In the park you will find native flowering plants that attract butterflies and information about the Monarch Butterfly lifecycle.


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